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"Lyle Stoneman, Age 57, had a stroke only 13 months ago. Had to learn to walk again! Started walking, only a quarter mile at a time at first. Weighed over 330 pounds. With his determination and perserverance, he's now completed his 1st official Full Marathon. Over 7 half marathons, one including 25 kms up Okanagan Mountain, and over 80 10 km runs. Over 2000 kms since January. Lost over 90 pounds. He wishes to raise cardiac awareness!"

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Lyle Stoneman
Age 57

"I wanted to congratulate you and your event team for raising the level of the Edmonton Marathon this past year. It now ranks #2 in the province! Please see the press release attached."

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Peter Ogilvie
Executive Director, Athletics Alberta
Chair, Edmonton International Track Classic

"The BMO Vancouver Marathon completely aligns with and supports Brita’s company values of being a healthy, energized and sustainable organization. It was great to constantly be in contact with the participants at the Sport Expo and 20 water stations where Brita filtered 30,000 litres of water for run participants helping to provide something that created a strong connection with the environment and the community. The 2010 BMO Vancouver Marathon event was exciting and Brita was proud to help the marathon go bottled water free! We had great success at the Sport Expo as well…the people were pumped and the energy was unlimited!"
Scott Kinnear and Jeff Simmonds on behalf of Brita® (Water Filtration) and FilterForGood.ca

"The 2010 BMO Vancouver Marathon was a great event! From the expo, the people, the energy and excitement, it was such a high for everyone! I had the pleasure to see many people over the weekend, and feel their energy, emotions and sense of accomplishment. I only have positive comments about the event and the team that put it together! Congrats!"
John Stanton Jr, Partner
Running Room

"I am very pleased that Contact Printing had the opportunity to support the Sponsor Reception night for the 2010 BMO Vancouver Marathon. It was a great way to link with many new people and to build new networks and business opportunities. Our partnership with the BMO Vancouver Marathon has been mutually beneficial and we look forward to our continued involvement and build upon this year's momentum. We also enjoyed our experience at the Brita Sport Expo…it was fun to get caught up in all the excitement and energy!"
David Brown, President
Contact Printing

"Congratulations to the entire team for putting on a successful 2010 BMO Vancouver Marathon. Saucony’s participation at the Brita Expo was a big hit…we had lots of fun (and success) with the effective layout and interaction it allowed us for the many thousands that attended. The flow of people was well planned as we were able to intermingle very well, and the close connection with our retailer’s booth, Running Room, worked really well. We really liked the concept of being able to convert our booth into a participant lounge on Sunday. Looking forward to repeating the experience and building the energy in 2011!"
Brad Mrakava, Director of Sales & Marketing

"Congratulations to you, the volunteers, sponsors and anyone else who was involved. Hope to see this race listed on the 2011 calendar."

"Hi Just a note to say the 10 and 10 was a great course and well organized. Job well done and thanks. "

"What a great event! Was fantastic to have such a quality, new race in Winnipeg. Thank you. "

"Congratulations on a great race yesterday! The event was well-organized and a lot of fun. It's so nice to have a downtown Winnipeg running event. Keep up the good work - I'll look for the race next year."

"It was a great race and well organized. Hope to see it again next year."

"Just wanted to let you know the 10 and 10 was a well organized race."

"Hi Just a note to say the 10 and 10 was a great course and well organized. Job well done and thanks. "

"Thanks so much for the great run this morning. Great weather, great organization. A real treat. "

"This event was fabulous. I was very impressed at how well it was organized, especially for a first-time event. I can't wait to participate again next year. Thank you for putting on such a great race. Congratulations on a successful endeavour."

"As a participant in yesterday's race it was one of the most beautiful courses I have run and that the event itself was one of the best too. All of the runners I was surrounded by were raving at the finish line. "

"What a great event it was awesome everyone said it was well organized can't wait for next year I love to see a 30 k added to it I would be up for that for sure."

"The rest of the race went great! What a super event. Everyone was talking about how well organized it was and how nice the course route was. Plenty of shade cover, which is very much appreciated by those of us who tend to overheat when we are out there. Considering it was the first time for the event, I thought they got excellent participation for both distances."

"What a great event it was awesome everyone said it was well organized can't wait for next year"

"Thank you for putting on an amazing marathon yesterday. It was my 10th marathon but my first in Edmonton and I loved every minute of it. It was an exceptionally well organized event, and the course was perfect for a marathon. I will be spreading the word about this event!"

"I thought the event was extremely well organized. All staff and volunteers were amazing! Communication from you was always prompt and pleasant. The course was great and, all together, it made my first marathon attempt a really enjoyable experience. Thank-you!"

"Great race, I had a personal best! "

"Great job on the organising!, I loved the new course,volunteers were great. lots of aid stations and supporters. I being one of the "more senior" runners noticed that the published finishing times stop at approx. 4hrs 51mins. are you going to update the rest of our "back of the pack" times. Thanks"

"Thanks so much. All of the group from the Running Room Westhills Calgary had a great time and we were all smiling and so proud at the end of the race! Our coach Jennette Coates was the reason we had great success...and the flat course didn't hurt."

"Thanks so much again. Can't wait for next year!"

"Thank you for putting on an amazing marathon yesterday. It was my 10th marathon but my first in Edmonton and I loved every minute of it. It was an exceptionally well organized event, and the course was perfect for a marathon. I will be spreading the word about this event!"

"Thanks... Had such a great time. Excellent organization and great people. My nephew Dylan Snadhu came second to last in over 7 hours and your crew stayed open for him, even kept the pancake and eggs warm so he could eat. Classy all the way around."

"First class event today. I ran the half, was very impressed with teh course, fast as advertised. Great start and finish location. Will definetely bring more runners from our club in Calgary next year! Well Done and thanks to a great bunch of volunteers!!"

"My Dad and I didn't find the smoke to be a bother one bit, and I shaved a whole 13 minutes from my PB, so the race course was obviously perfect for us. Thanks again, and thank goodness for the little bit of rain before the race!"

"Way to go on these races! I ran the 10km & Half and you did a great job with both the course and the running venue."

"Yesterday was the first 5K I have ever done and I throughly enjoyed it. I thought the race was very well organized"

"Thank you Edmonton for the great run!! The new venue was good and you ran an excellent event. I should mention however that "suddenly fast and flat" became suddenly hilly and challenging in the Highlands!! Thanks to all the volunteers especially John the 4:30 bunny. I did a personal best and both my husband and I qualified for Boston. Thank you again."

"As a participant in this past weekend’s race, I wanted to extend kudos and thanks to whoever was responsible for organizing the volunteers for the event. It was so encouraging to have them cheering racers on to keep us going throughout the race. Also big thanks to EPS for keeping us safe with traffic control."

"Well done, can’t wait until next year’s event!"

"Really enjoyed the weekend. Had a great day at the Kids race, really enjoyed the extra touches such as pony rides, petting zoo, face painting etc. The decathalon was a good idea as well."

"Loved the course Sunday!! Finally a boston qualifier!!"

"My legs feel more or less as they did one week ago, so i guess its time to plan for next year! Thanks very much for a Top Quality event. Even as a late entrant, I got my money's worth and will be sure to recommend this race to anyone appreciating the hard work of a well organized ROC."
Tim N.

"At run club Wednesday and again today at our local race event I have had numerous people telling me how excellent the BMO Okanagan Marathon was this year. They particularly mentioned the volunteers and marshals saying how very supportive and helpful they were. Thought I would pass the kudos on as we know compliments don't always reach the people who deserve them."
Jacqui, Running Room

"My 5 year old ran in the BMO Kids Run for Kids and I've never seen him so proud of himself and I don't know if I've ever been so proud either. You guys really put off quite an event."
Brian W.

"It was great to feel the energy of the runners - they supported and high fived me as much as I high fived them."
Gerry R.

"First, I wanted so say thank you for a fabulous Half Marathon experience. I thought the course, the organization and the volunteers were all first rate. I even appreciated that the rain and wind died down within a few kilometers and the weather was perfect (from my perspective) for the run. Thank you to everybody involved in organizing and running this event."
Michael M.

"I just wanted to thank you for all your help in making this chance to run a Half Marathon in Kelowna possible. I really appreciated you being there with my race package and showing my how to put the chip on my shoe. The run was so well organized. I was impressed at all the volunteers needed to make it happen. WOW!"
Karin B.

"Sunday was a great experience. I would do it again! (actually, I’ve volunteered for other runs)."
Barb H. – Volunteer

"Congratulations on a fabulous event! We had a wonderful volunteer experience, great direction from the drivers on set up etc... Fortunately we had someone with us who had volunteered for the last 3 years so she was our leader."
Erika J.

"Thanks again for the opportunity to join in and volunteer at a great event, especially on the non-rainy day :)"
Erika J. - Volunteer

"I would like to thank you for the wonderful volunteering experience I had at the BMO Okanagan Marathon. The water, snacks and lunch was terrific and very thoughtful. I certainly was not expecting all the treats. Everyone was very helpful and Jane, The Event Volunteer Coordinator was there for any questions that came up. Thank you again"
Gayle S. - Volunteer

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