21one has extensive experience with the creation and development of Sport, Lifestyle and Entertainment events.

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21one’s 5 step Event Process, 'making events succeed'


  • Determine goals, timelines and budget (considering funding, sponsorship and expenses)
  • Risk Management: reviewing strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and potential threats associated with event.

Maximize Sponsor Media Reg (pdf)


  • Develop a marketing, operations and financial plan
  • Construct an operations schedule, including tasks, milestones, and responsibilities
  • Ensure the details and event on a whole is properly prepared and organized

Laurier Park West Layout - Little Big Run (pdf)

ING Churchill Square Base (pdf)

» Click Link to Portfolio to review examples of site layouts, organizational charts, etc. that have been developed for past events.

  • Develop an effective marketing plan geared towards a specific target market
  • Assist with the Creative Process and designing of marketing materials.
  • Ensure that creative elements and branding coincide with the event demographics
  • Implement marketing plan through multiple and diverse mediums including Radio, Print, Television
  • Use strategic partnerships and leveraged media to maximize exposure

Market Plan Diagram (pdf)

» Click Link to Marketing Materials to see merchandise and giveaway examples from previous events.
» Click Link to Portfolio to see past event advertisements including radio, television and print.

  • Use relationships with suppliers and service providers to create economies of scale
  • Handle registration services
  • Take care of staging and production of event
  • Oversee on site set-up of multiple service providers
  • Manage scheduling
  • Develop contingency plans

2008 Operations Schedule (pdf)

» Click Link to Product and Service Providers for a list of some suppliers 21one has dealt with for past events.

  • Conduct Post-event assessments, receive feedback, determine if goals were met and areas of improvement
  • Budget Review
  • Demographic review
  • Sponsorship review
  • Supplier Review
  • Media Review

Participation Growth Chart - 2008 Little Big Run (pdf)

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