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The Streetfront Alternative Program


The Streetfront Alternative Program This is a quick letter expressing our sincere thanks for all you have done for our marathon program. For the past two years you have allowed 20 underprivileged students the amazing opportunity to show the world that they are in fact capable of competing with anyone in terms of physical accomplishments. I'm not sure if you know how impactful this accomplishment is – these kids come from homes where fitness is not present; healthy lifestyles don't exist; perseverance and dedication are long forgotten. When they cross that finish line for one of the few times in their lives, they are not just equals with their peers – they are the champions – the ones who deserve the attention and accolades. That medal that hangs around their necks is a badge of honour that they will always carry with them. Years from now, they may be sitting on a bus, as May rolls around, and overhear a conversation of two people talking about their training for the upcoming marathon. Those two will banter back and forth about their impending race and the conversation will be filled with nervous anxiety about what to expect. My hope is that one of our kids, will be sitting behind them, now a grown man or woman, and sit back and know that they are part of the conversation. They are part of an elite group of individuals, who put pain and sacrifice ahead of apathy and inaction. No matter what has happened in their lives or will happen in the future – they know that for that one day, they were as great as anybody. That is why, we do what we do.

Thanks again for making this happen. We wouldn't have these stories if it wasn't for you.


The Streetfront Alternative Program
Trevor Stokes


Winner: 2010 Recreation Industry Award of Excellence: Recreation Marketing & Advertising Category