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21one creates and leads powerful social media campaigns that build traffic, promote your brand and grow leads for sales with maximized ROI.

Social media is people connecting with people… forming relationships for personal, lifestyle, and business use.

21one will guide you through the process of developing and executing a comprehensive social media strategy.

21one has successfully worked for blue-chip clients and built strong campaigns that drive traffic and build communities. Through our experience, we have developed programs using various social media tools across all forms of communication platforms, particularly focused to and used by your target demographic.

Avoid the common mistakes made with Social Media…mistakes with strategy, tools, and messaging

Most of these mistakes are avoidable...we take the time to understand your wants and needs across the various social media mediums.

A Framework for Developing a Social Media Strategy

The strategy development portion of a social media campaign is crucial for the success of your program. You must ask and answer the appropriate and relevant questions to develop the right campaign: For example – What social media sites are your target market currently using? How much time is needed to consistently interact with your social media community?

  • Public Relations and Marketing: Use social media to build brand awareness and as a viral marketing tool
  • Sales: Use social media to build a sales pipeline integrated into your company's current sales process
  • Customer Services: Use social media to handle customer service issues.

How to Measure Return on Investment (ROI)

Once your strategy is set, it's time to execute and implement your social media program. This is by far the most important part of social media marketing so it is of the utmost importance that you get it right.

Some examples for Social Media ROI:

  • Email: landing page conversion %, # of opens for each email, # of clicks of links in each email
  • Blogs: total # of posts, average page views per post, subscriber counts, comment counts, demographics information
  • Facebook: # of Fans , percentage of items shared, % of traffic driven to website
  • Twitter: # of followers, # of retweets, # of people who respond, % of traffic driven to website

Make sure your message is heard…Social Media Done Right…Let 21one take you to the next level

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