21one has extensive experience with the creation and development of Sport, Lifestyle and Entertainment events.

Product and Service Providers

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Product and Service Providers

21one has experience dealing and contracting a wide range of product and service providers for all their events. Their vast experience and established connections with suppliers allow for 21one to ensure that all requirements of your event are met and at a low cost.

A few of the product and service providers 21one has dealt with:

  • Timing companies
  • Live Television, including: on-site, Jumbo-Tron. Helicopter and TV relays
  • Tent and Fence companies
  • Food and water suppliers
  • Audio and visual companies
  • Secure Internet Providers
  • Transportation and rental companies
  • Photographers
  • Radio: broadcasting on-site and promotions
  • Medical and Safety providers
  • Security
  • Signage
  • Graphic Artists and Web designers

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